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Mother's Day and Father's Day Sketches, Monologues and Material



Mom Approved!!

Mother's Day and Women's Event Sketches

The Chair

(Remembering Our Moms and the Chair They Rocked In)


This is a nostalgic look from a mother about her mother and the rocking chair that she occupied. In this story the character’s mother has been deceased for about year.  This is not in anyway a sad review, but a thankful and inspirational one.  It’s very important that this generation is grateful for praying mothers and grandmothers.  If you think about it, the greatest people in our lives had a strong link to prayer.  It’s what makes them enduring and endearing to us.  The soft mix of reflection about mothers and a dash of comedy make this a special piece and a delightful ending that will make you smile.

$7.79 Download The Chair

The Set Up

(A Mother’s Day or Woman’s Event Comedy Sketch)

 Howi C. Tiller

A father and son miss mom’s cooking because she is going back to school and has become very busy.  Dad especially misses homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.  So, the two contrive a plan that involves plastic army men and a Jack Russell Terrier in the oven.  They think they have tricked mom into making dad oatmeal raisin cookies.  What they didn’t know, is that she was setting them up.  In a delightful twist of turns the set-up ends up being on the father and son as she is taken out to eat at, The Cheesecake Factory.

Cast:  3

Husband – Early 30’s

Wife – Early 30’s

Son – 8 to 12 years old

Setting:  Living room

Running time: 4-5 minutes



   $5.50  Download


Is There a Rule Book In Heaven That Says All Mothers Are Right?

(A comedy with a wonderful message on the road of life)

As the scene opens the character is in the driver seat of a car.  She is frustrated by being stuck in a traffic jam which is making her late.  While she is waiting for the traffic to move, a voice in the car speaks to her about her life.  She thinks it’s her conscience, but is confused by the voice being a male voice.   Of course it’s God’s voice.  The voice reminds the character of what her mother taught her and what she learned in church.  Still the frustration mounts as the sketch unfolds.  What she doesn’t know is that there has been an accident down the road.  As the play unfolds, she realizes that God saved her from the accident.  This would be a perfect sketch for Mother’s Day, woman’s event or appreciation time.

 Cast: 1 F, 1 M

Female – Teen

Voice – Male

 Running time: 6-7 minutes

Special effect:  A track of siren sound


 $6.00 Download Is There a Rule Book In Heaven That Says All Mothers Are Right?

What a Woman Really Wants…or Else

(A Reader’s Theater Comedy)

Howi C. Tiller

You’ve heard the expression, “Ain’t nobody happy if momma ain’t happy”?  We’ll this reader’s theater deals with the concept in a very comical way.  From taking out the trash and making sure the toilet lid is down to taking her out on a date after being married for twenty years.  Your audience will love this piece for Mother’s Day or any woman’s event or conference.  This piece comically tells what women really want, but in a way that still gets the message across appropriately.  The scriptural mix in the piece brings this comical script to a spiritual conclusion.

Cast 4   3 F and 1 M


Reader 1 – Female

Reader 2 – Female

Reader 3 – Male  (Comedy relief, not hen pecked and willing to stand his ground to a point)

Reader 4 – Female

Running time: 5 minutes

$6.00 Download What a Woman Really Wants


"We did that for Mother's Day and it really went over well.  We spent our time practicing, therefore we were prepared, but what we did not prepare for was the laughter.  We were sort of surprised that we had to slow down some in order for the laughter to subside some so we could continue....Was Great and we enjoyed doing it.."
 Once Again, Thanks and God Bless

David J Wilson, Slidell, LA

The Deliverer

The faith of a woman is immeasurable in "The Deliverer", as Moses' mother has just made a basket of reeds to hide her baby Moses in and then sent Miriam to take Moses to the bulrushes. The Egyptians were killing all male children and this was her way of hoping for a miracle.  The anxiety is almost too great to bear. Great for Mother's Day, Ladies Retreat, Sermon Set-up or anytime. 10 minutes

$6.50 Download The Deliverer


Bring Him Home 

(A Mother’s Day Monologue and Song Interpretation)

Monologue by Howi Tiller and Song Letters From War By Mark Shultz

Every mother who has a son knows the thrills and spills that a little boy can bring.  As teenagers many of us sons gave our mothers gray hair because of the antics we played growing up.  Bring Him Home is a short monologue that touches the heart of the mother who has had a son go to war.  Mark Shultz’s song, Letters From War is a very moving story of a mother who wrote letters to a son at war not knowing if he was dead or alive.  Howi blocks out the monologue and song for you and blends both items together for a special Mother’s Day song interpretation.  You can download the song from itunes.  Cast: 3    1 F and 2 male  Running time about 6 - 7 minutes


Held-by Natalie Grant

A beautiful song interpretation for Mary.  We used this song by Natalie Grant on our Torn By Love Easter production.  So, if you did that production you will have this song on DVD already.  If not, then this song is perfect for Mother's Day.  You receive the DVD showing you step by step how to do this very moving interpretation with red scarves.  Running time is the length of the song which is about 5 minutes.  You can download the music track from itunes.



Song Interpretation Step by step on DVD  $8.50 on DVD


The Desert?

(Mother’s Day Monologue for Mary)

© Copyright Howi Tiller 2009

I think it would be natural for anyone to think that when Jesus was baptized by John, that Jesus was stepping out of anonymity and launching his ministry.  Could it be that Mary was thinking that Jesus’ time had come and he would be setting up his kingdom on the earth?  Maybe.  When Jesus left them all and went into the wilderness, it may have confused Mary.  It’s with this thought in mind that, “The Desert?”, derives it’s questions and causes Mary, the mother of Jesus to ponder.  This monologue unfolds in a way that maybe surprises the reader.  I have given Mary an edge and command that tradition doesn’t usually give her.  There is a bit of humor that seeps through and rightfully so as Mary reflects about past events and how that men respond differently to how God does things than women do.  This reflection is what makes this monologue fit well for Mother’s Day, Women’s Conferences and other woman’s events. 

I see the character as a very colorful and vibrant soul.  Very much like a matriarch who enjoys being in charge of things and events.  Cast: 1 Female about 45

$7.50 Download      *Not in the Howi Tiller Sketch Book 2008








Laughter - (Monologue)  This comical look at one of the greatest events of the Bible fits well in a woman's retreat or conference.  Sarah over hears the conversation that her husband, Abram is having with the three visitors from heaven.  A wonderfully interesting script with room for comedy and drama without compromising any of the Biblical text.  Better suited for an all female crowd, but can be toned down for Mother's Day.  7 minutes

$8.75 Download "Laughter"





Six - What was the woman at the well thinking or doing before she went to the well?  This monologue is the last five minutes before she left to go the well.  Little does she know that will meet Jesus there.   Obviously her life wasn’t one to be jealous of.  She had been married six times before and the man she was living with wasn’t her husband.  The script paints a very vivid picture of oppression.  With poetic license, Howi weaves another moving and enlightening monologue that needs to be seen and heard. 

Cast: 1F     Serious drama  8 minutes with the right music

    7.99 Download Six





Dad Tested and Approved!!


Father's Day and Men's Events


Just Released


The Tip

(Father's Day/Men's Event)


The sketch is about a little girl, Morgan who wants to do something special for her father. Her dad is a waiter in a local cafe and she is bound and determined to give him a tip.  In doing so she lets her dad know that he has taught her some neat lessons about life. The audience doesn't know that the waiter is the father to the little girl, which brings a surprise ending and another layer of meaning to the conversation.  As it turns out she gives him more than a tip.


It's a delightful piece. I did this sketch with my daughter16 years ago and look forward to performing it with my granddaughter someday.


Cast 2

Waiter - Male 30-35

Morgan - Female 8-12 years old


Running time 5:00 minutes


$7.00 The Tip   Download


The Touch

(Jesus Did What No One Else Could) 

The gospels in the Bible record that Jesus healed the sick, the lame and that the lepers were made clean.  With poetic license, “The Touch” takes us into the life of a man who had become a leper.  Everything in his life was wonderful.  He was happily married and his children loved him very much.  One day in the evening he was washing his hands from being in the field, when a trace of blood appeared in the wash-basin.  He didn’t think too much of it at first.  After all it wasn’t anything new to cut your hand while working in the field.  But when the cut turned into a sore over the next few days, he knew it was something else…something very serious…leprosy.  He knew then that his life was going to change in a drastic way.  Being separated from his wife and children was what he had to look forward to…well, that is until Jesus happened to come into his life.  In a time when it was unlawful to touch a leper, Jesus’ touch changed everything.

 Cast:  Male

Running time:  10 minutes if you allow time for stage movement, musical underscore and emotional segues.

Mom, Dad’s Seeing Things Again 

“Mom, dad’s seeing things again”, is a one liner my oldest daughter said while I was looking in the bathroom mirror some time ago.  I was combing my thinning hair at the time.  As a middle age adult I thought I could ignore the fact that life brings or should I say, “takes away”, such things, but our children turn into teenagers and well…they become that constant reminder that life is passing by.  Fun comedy for Father's Day or Family event night.

  Download the above sketch only $6.29


My Dad’s Shoulders

(Learning to Trust So We May Soar in the Heavenlies) 

There are so many wonderful memories that I have of my father that I wanted to share one that maybe you can perform for Father’s Day.  No doubt there are many others that have had the experience of being on their dad’s shoulders.  So, I’ve described mine through the medium of a monologue.  Now I look back on those wonderful days and understand better that many of those experiences were about trust, love and discovery.  Often times, trust is the door to the day of discovery and the foundation of love and appreciation.  This monologue describes the steps of trust a child learns by being on their dad’s.  Not just being on their dad’s shoulders but standing on his shoulders.  Not just standing on their dad’s shoulders, but standing on their dad’s shoulders while the dad trots around the yard.

Cast:  M/F   Monologue

Can add musical underscore

6 minutes with correct feeling.


  $6.89 Download My Father's Shoulders




The Guard Father

An Offer That You Just Can't Refuse

Imagine a scene where a teenage boy is sitting center stage.  All the lights are focused on him.  He has two thug like characters standing on each side of him.  The setting is sort of like an interrogation room.  In this case the interrogation is being done by a father…The Guard Father.  This fun spin off creates great comedy, but effectively shares the protective nature that fathers have for their children…in this case a daughter.  “The Guard Father”, allows you to express all the things that a protective father has always wanted to say.  Your audience will love it and fathers will stand up and cheer…at least inside. 

The story line is that a teenage boy wants to date the daughter of The Guard Father…who symbolically represents all protective fathers.  The Guard Father is trying to scare the teenager away by asking him pertinent questions that need to have adequate answers…or else the thugs are going to give it to him.  Well, as it turns out they end up giving it to him alright…the Bible that is.  This is a fun sketch, but with a relative and important theme.

            This sketch could be used for Father’s Day, other men’s events and Family friendly dessert drama.

Cast: 4 Male

Props:  Chair, 2 Bibles Running time:  About 9 minutes

$8.49  Download The Guard Father

Half Formed, But Whole Hearted

(The Importance of Sincerity)

Mark chapter 9 verses 14-27 records a wonderful miracle of a young man being delivered from an evil spirit by the Lord Jesus.  This monologue takes us on that emotional journey that the father of the young man experienced.  This father carried a huge burden on his shoulders.  His son was different than the others.  This father was walking down the road that no other father was walking.  Who could relate to this father?  What answers were there?  How long could this father endure with this weight of anguish as he watched an evil spirit try to destroy his son in the fire and in the water.  This is a very emotional script, but one that will relate to your audience’s conscience and soul.  It is a story of triumph despite a generation of faithlessness.  It is triumph because it calls is to be honest with who we are and sincere with what we still need and that’s…Jesus.

Cast:  M  (However, I think the piece can still be done with a female character about her daughter just as easy.  It doesn’t change the message of the story.  Just let your audience know that you’re doing that.) 

Biblical costume

Special effects:  The right music would enhance the overall effect

Running time:  8-9 minutes (Depending on ebb and flow and music)

$7.59 Download Half Formed But Whole Hearted



Jimmy and the Stars of God

(Another story in the Jimmy Series) 

There is a business that sells you the right to name a star after yourself or someone else as a gift.  The star registry allows you to name a star for a fee.  The truth of the matter is that the Bible says that God already knows the name of every star.  That is the driving force in this family “comedy with a message” sketch that’s perfect for birthday or Mother’s Day or Father and son event. 

As the story unfolds Jimmy ends up teaching dad a lesson that God has already named all the stars

 Cast: 2  M or F  It can be any parent and any child.  I’ve made it a father and son in the sketch.  You can make it whatever combination that you want with a few adjustments.

As the scene opens the father is already on stage.  It can be a living room, den or kitchen scene.  Jimmy enters from school. Running time: 5-6 minutes


$6.00  Download "Jimmy and the Stars of God"   Father and son Comedy







"The Breaking Point"

A place on the river of life

A father takes his teenage kids on a youth canoe trip. They arrive late at night and accidentally set-up camp in a cow pasture where the cows find their back packs and eat all their cinnamon rolls. The trip becomes a little stressful for dad, but the kids find out how much Dad really loves them when he averts potential danger at a place on the river called, "Devil's Bend".   This sketch has a great Father's Day or Family theme.  Serious Comedy. 12 minutes. 

Cast of 4 2 Adults and 2 teens   (Father, Mother and 2 teens)

Download The Breaking Point $7.49



What a Man Really Wants…or Whatever

(A reader’s theater comedy dedicated to Father’s Day or men’s event) 

Written with the same feel as, “What a Woman Really Wants…or Else.”  This is another fun reader’s theater for Father’s Day or Men’s event.  The comedy and the light heartedness of the sketch are to be performed with tongue-in-cheek.  I know that all wives truly love their husbands and the sketch is to be done as a spoof.  Even though the comedy pokes fun at our father’s and men in general, the ending brings a balance to how we all feel about our father’s and how diligent men feel about God.   

Reader’s theater is not memorized, but dramatically read in character with all the neat little nuances and facial expressions in comedic timing.  This sketch has a wonderful message at the end that encourages healthy marriage relationships and commitment. 

Cast:  4 readers

1 – Male

2 – Female

3 – Female

4 – Female

Running time:  8-9 minutes


 Add to Cart 14.95  Download this video clip for live performance in your church or event.  Downloading the video clip also gives you the right to project this video. Thank you for kind consideration of our request.


    $8.99  Download    What a Man Really Wants...or Whatever





Black and White 

(A Father’s Day Serious Comedy Sketch About Things That Really Matter) 

A father and daughter are looking through boxes of old pictures.  She has many questions and comical comments about the pictures of her father’s past.  “Why are all the pictures of you in black and white?”  Well, one thing leads to the next and a wonderful conversation about how the most important things in life are almost always black and white.  This sketch works well for Father’s Day, Father / Daughter event or other Father’s event.

Cast: 1 M and 1 F

Dad – Late 40s or 50s

Kim – Early teens

Running time:  6-7 minutes


  Download Black and White $7.25



She Trusts Me

Almost every father with a daughter old enough to get married has had their proverbial conversation with the young man who wants to marry that daughter.  "She Trusts Me" takes us into the often comical yet serious moments of that conversation.  In this story a very touching outcome appears.  The theme of "trust" weaves it's way through the sketch so that the audience realizes that trust is a huge ingredient of a successful marriage.  Fun family sketch.  Great for any time, sermon set-up, dinner drama, Father's Day, etc.       Cast of 4: 2M, 2 F  Running time: 7 minutes

Download She Trusts Me $8.00




When The Hardest Thing to Do Is the Right Thing to Do -



Uriah, an honorable Israelite soldier became the victim of King David's moment of weakness as he sinned with Uriah's wife, Bathsheba.  This moving emotional monologue demonstrates the commitment Uriah displayed when faced with the hardest thing to do, yet doing the right thing.  The sketch encourages men to be dedicated to their spouse and marriage vows.  8-9 minutes

  $7.89 Download


A Follower Enough to Build An Ark, Leader Enough to Save His Family - (Monologue)  A modern look at the story of Noah.  Just as Noah tried to convince the world to prepare for the flood, this monologue strives to communicate to others today to make the right choices.  The audience doesn't realize it is Noah until almost the end of the monologue.  6-7 minutes


$5.89  Download  A Follower Enough to Build An Ark, Leader Enough to Save His Family

 Born Again - One of our most successful comedy sketches.  A father takes his 4 year old son to the local McDonalds.  While sharing a cheeseburger with dad, little Jimmy asks some pretty hard questions about life, death and about this new baby sister that mommy just had. The son doesn't remember being born and wants to do it again. Cast of 2M,  Fantastic for Father's Day or Men's Event     8 minutes


Born Again 7.99 Very Funny




The Track of Time - A son comes home late from his date.  His father is waiting up for him and asks for an explanation. The son apologizes and says, "he lost track of time." His father explains to him that he jeopardizes losing other things in his life that are virtuous. Great for father and son retreat.  Cast of 2M, 1Adult and 1 teen  6-7 minutes


   $5.89 Download


Grandparent's Day 2014

“Older by the Minute”

(A Senior Citizen Comedy for Grandparent’s Day) 

This short script could be a great Grandparent’s Day sketch or sermon set-up.

In the story, the grandson confuses grandpa’s nitro glycerin pills with the nitrous oxide that NASCAR drives use for racing.  Since grandpa is taking nitro, he asks grandpa to do a wheelie in his wheel chair and describes it as it being Chariots of Fire.  Well, grandpa explains that life goes by too fast and the grandson realizes grandpa doesn’t need nitro, but wants grandpa to slow down because grandpa is already getting older by the minute.   Cast:  2  

Grandpa – M

Grandchild – M or F   age span could be from 12 to 14 and the character would be better served by a male, but it could still work with a female.

Running time: 7-8 minutes

$7.95 Download Older By the Minute

They Don’t Have Time-out on the Moon

(The Healing of God and Time)

A Comedy for Grandparent’s Day and other family friendly events 

 Everyone of us have stories of disobeying our parents or grandparents or even another adult.  As children we did not always want to listen to our dads and moms when they said things like, “Don’t run on the sidewalk”, or “Never…ever play with matches.”  Well, some things we learned the hard way and we have the scars on our knees to show it.  We learned that we should have obeyed mom and dad, but if we were fortunate, we also came out the other side of the situation with a lesson learned about how life and forgiveness works.  We also may have learned that sometimes we need God and time to heal the hurt that our disobedience brought.  This is the lesson learned in this sketch, “The Reason the Grass is Greener.”

 In this story, grandpa has been asked to watch three grandkids while mom and dad are going out to dinner.  As he enters, he finds the three grandkids sitting in different corners of the living room facing the wall.  They’re in time-out because they’ve been disobedient to mom and dad.  After listening to the grandkids reasons for getting in trouble, Grandpa shares a story of when he accidentally caught the back yard on fire when he was eight years old.  His father had told him many times not to ever play with matches, but curiosity got the best of him.  He got his spanking, but what he realized that the black patch of grass that he caught on fire, eventually became the greenest part of the entire yard. 

Cast:   Grandpa – 50’s – and older, Rexy  12, Hailey 10, Timmy 9

Actor’s option:  Rexy, Hailey and Timmy can be played by actors the age listed above or adults acting the age of kids.  If you use adults acting like kids, it brings another comedic layer.

Running time: 8 minutes

$8.89 to download "They Don't Have Time-out on the Moon"


Love Them While We Can

(Song interpretation) 

We’ve created a moving song interpretation for the song, “Love Them While We Can”, for Grandparent’s Day.  All you have to do is act it out while the song is played.  This descriptive song is a perfect way to show our appreciation for out grandparents and the generation before us.  It is said that this generation was the greatest of all American generations.  I guess what mean by that it that this generation endured the Great Depression and world wars.  I'm very thankful.


This song is found on CD at and you can download the tracks there.  Gary McSpadden recorded it on one of his CDs.  Chris Christian has it available on itunes, also.  We like the Gary McSpadden arrangement the best because it has a slower tempo, which allows you more time to act out the song.

  $5.99  Download Love Them While You Can

Marbles and Scruples

(A Delightful Sketch for Grandparents Day) 

A young granddaughter is visiting her grandpa at a nursing home when she asks him if he has ever lost his marbles.  He tells her about the games of marbles he played when he was a kid at school during recess.  Eventually, he discovers why she has asked the question and then relates to her a wonderful story about losing your marbles but more importantly about not losing your scruples.  This often-comical sketch threads its way down the road of questions and answers until a very heart warming hug brings the conversation to a touching conclusion.  Your grandparents will love this story and the whole audience will be historically and emotionally enlightened.

This could be a wonderful sketch for Grandparent’s Day, Family Friendly Event or Senior Citizen appreciation night.

            *All the names used to describe the marbles and the game are historically real and accurate.

 Cast: 1 M, 1 F


Jordan – 10 to 12 years old.  It can vary, but not too old. Actually, two adults could play the roles, but one just acting like a 10 to 12 year old


Running time 7 minutes


 $8.99 Marbles and Scruples download


Marbles and Scruples live performance by Howi Tiller and Jordyn Tiger



For more information, please call Howi Tiller at 918-760-3561




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