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2 Dowel Rod DVDs

Dowel Rod Slips Covers


The DVDs listed below are about dowel rods, but you can view more sign language and song interpretations on the DVDs/CDs page.

Christian plays and drama have come a long way.

Now, you can try something entirely different in Christian drama.  Using dowel rods (Sticks) is a unique way of illustrating or interpreting a song.  The dowel rods help to create interpretive movements that effectively tell the story of the song.  The Dowel Rod Ministry is perfect for street evangelism, youth ministry or in the next service on Sunday. We have used dowel rods on the streets, malls, parades, parks, concerts and of course in the local church during a regular service.  Since introducing dowels rods to churches across the United States, more young people and teen ministers are getting involved with the drama ministry. We have many songs recorded on DVD for you to add to your repertoire. More DVDs are being made available as quickly as possible. Visit the DVD Page to see other DVDs

God's Got an Army by Carman, He Saw Me, The Rock by Clay Crosse, and Still Her Little Child by Ray Boltz

DVD Dowel Rod Volume 1  

$17.00  The DVD will be mailed to you.


The song, "God's Got An Army" is more complicated so we've produced a Step by Step DVD that teaches just that song.  $10.00 

The DVD will be shipped to you.





Oh, Holy Night video illustration

Oh, Holy Night (From the Christmas Shoes CD by New Song), One in the Same: By Cece Winans, End of the Beginning: By David Phelps, My Redeemer: By Nicole C. Mullins

DVD Dowel Rod Volume 2 $17.00 DVD will be shipped to you.


  $26.00 Both Volumes 1 and 2 DVDs

"Hello Mr. Tiller, I just wanted to drop this short note to thank you for the great dowel rod ministry that you have made.  As I had explained to you previously that I was preparing to perform at my church  "End of the Beginning".  Well, I did and I cannot tell you what an impact it has made.  Last night was the first performance and it was great.  Just thought I send you this to let you know you do great work and I am looking forward to doing more of your work out here in my community.  Thanks once again."

Dahleen Castleberry,  Loudon, TN

"We purchased the dvd from you that had the O Holy Night on it.  We had 14 teens that performed.  It was spectacular.  We did it for our Christmas program and for our Youth Sunday last week.  Everyone thought it was fantastic!  And it was anointed.  Thank you for sharing your dramas with other churches.  It is a great resource for leaders trying to start ministries in their churches."

Tina Null

Visit the DVDs Page for More Dowel Rod, Sign Language, Mime and Song Interpretation Ideas

CODE Louisiana Thursday Evening has a wonderful 911 Dowel Rod tribute called "One Nation Under God".  You can find it on the DVD/CD page.


Also, find more songs with dowel rods and signing on the DVD's page.

On CODE Louisiana Thursday Evening you'll find - "One Nation Under God".

On CODE Louisiana Friday Evening 2005 you'll find - "From A Sincere Heart",

and many, many more.

Black Light Dowel Rod Slip Covers.

Some songs work well with a dowel rod that glows in the dark.  Painting the dowel rods white will not cause the dowel rod to glow under black light.  So, you have to either coat the stick in "glow in the dark" paint or make a cotton cloth slip to go over the dowel rod.  This will make the dowel rod glow under the black light.  The slips are sized to fit a dowel rod that is 3 feet long and 1/2 in diameter.  When you wash the slips, let them dry on the dowel rod so they won't shrink.

*NOTE - If you spray the dowel rods with glow-in-the-dark paint then it can only be used in "glow in the dark" presentations.


$24.00 Dowel Rod Slip Covers


Patriotic or Non-Glow in the Dark Dowel Rod Slips

$27.00 for 20 Patriotic slips (red, white and blue)

  $27.00 Patriotic Slip Covers


Solid Color Dowel Rod Slips

Sometimes colorful dowel rod slips are in order.  You may want to use the rods to represent colorful objects like flowers,etc.

$26.00 Solid Color Dowel Rod Slip Covers

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