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10 Full Length Scripts

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To see video samples of CODE Conference Workshops and other drama DVDs, go to the DVDs, Dramas, Easter, Christmas pages and scroll down. More will be added.

Full to Medium Length Dramas

Easter, Christmas, Vacation Bible School and various times of the year. 

Render unto God that which belongs to Him

Howi takes poetic license to create an intriguing and suspenseful story that takes place on the island of Patmos where we know the Apostle John lived in exile.  John received the book of Revelation while exiled on the island and was alive for the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Howi tells a story of how the mad man, Domitian was insanly preoccupied with killing all Christians.  Domitian has sent Atilius, a very zealous Equite soldier to bring John's life to an end.  However, John and the cast bring Atilius to the foot of the cross where the Calvary event comes to life.  John overwhelms Atilius' pursuit to be like Domitian.  Atilius believes that all emperors were gods and to have your image stamped on a coin proves your worthiness.  However, John points Atilius to a higher pursuit when he asks him whose image you are.  Atilius realizes he is already in the image of God, but wants to be born again so he can be a son of God. 

There is a great mix of historically supported material, scripture, suspense and comedy to keep the audience captivated by"Whose Image You Are."

Cast: 6 male

Running time: About 1 hour 40 minutes


19.95 for "Whose Image You Are" script





Rome's Power Unleashed, An Apostle's Faith Unshakable


Forgotten at Mamertine

F o r s a k e n



(The Forgotten Apostle in the Mamertine Prison)


In “Forsaken”, the story unfolds the actual forsaking of Paul by the saints of Asia but also addresses the ridicule that the Roman government placed on the Christian identity. “Forsaken” comes alive in the final days of Paul’s ministry in the cell of Mamertine, which historically became known as the, “House of Darkness”.  Paul is in prison, Nero is Caesar of Rome, but that did not stop the gospel of Jesus Christ from reaching into Nero's own household and all of Rome.  You’ll find the variety of characters historically interesting.  Of course your actors will have to bring the fascinating characters to life.  Some of the characters are merciless, some are mysterious, some are whimsical and others are untouchable...or are they?

Your drama team is going to be challenged by the script, but your church is going to be inspired and grateful when they realize the sacrifices made by the chosen Apostle for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The story is filled with intrigue, surprise and an, "edge of your seat"..."stand to your feet", finale.


Cast for 4 M or 13 M.  The script was originally created for 4 actors to play 13 characters and that arrangement works very well.



$16.95 Download the script


$39.95 Includes the script (Which we email to you.) DVD performance and set of custom made tracks on CDs

$23.00 for DVD and custom made tracks on CDs


The Opening of the Hand

The Secret of Giving and Receiving the Miraculous

© Copyright 2008 Howi C. Tiller

      The Opening of the Hand is a full length play that explores the principles and revelation of giving and receiving.  It also speaks to the pride of life that often times keeps us from receiving God’s blessings and promises.  The opening of the hand is what can open the windows of heaven’s healing, restoration and guidance.  To be helped, one must open their hand and yet to be the help, one must also open your hand.  In this play Howi uses the non-fictional characters of the Bible with ones that could have lived then and demonstrates to us the power of opening the hand.  God opens his hands to us if we open our hands to him.  This theme creatively weaves its way through the characters in the story to share the wonderful gifts God gives to us when he opens his hands. 

     The conflict in the play is between the characters of Peter and Jerome.  Peter is the Peter of the Bible.  Howi has created Jerome to be the man born crippled and ends up the man who is healed in the book of Acts.  They are both from families who made their living by fishing.  Jerome despises Peter as he thinks him to be a loud mouth fool and speaking before he thinks.  The play starts as Peter and Andrew are just coming in from the lake with a catch of fish that was the result of Jesus telling them to cast the nets on the right side.  From then on, the jealousy and pride of Jerome encourages him to hate Peter even more.  They intertwine as the play unfolds and the conflict between the character of Jerome and Peter is resolved in the last scene through the scriptural writing of the book of Acts as Jerome ends up being the lame man who asks for alms at the gate just outside of the temple and Peter says, silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, give I thee, in the name of Jesus…rise up and walk.  There are many intense moments of rage, action and even comedy.



Great for Easter as well as any time of the year!

Cast:    4 M  Each actor plays 4 different characters


$12.00 Download the script The Opening of the Hand

$29.95 Includes the script (Which we will email to you) and custom CD tracks for this performance



"Cast the Stone" Video clip from the full length play, "The Opening of the Hand"



        Some Are Wolves

             An Exciting and Life Changing Script written for teens by teens


 Written By: Landry Cantrell and Hayley Herron

 An exciting script written for teens by teens.  A truly, “For such a time as this” message that reach our youth.

Things aren’t what they seem to be in the full-length play called, “Some Are Wolves”.  “Some Are Wolves”, has a Chronicles of Narnia genre where a fanciful dream reflects the reality of the main character named, Amy.  Amy, a struggling teenager who is finding attention from a young boy who appears to have her best interest in mind, but in fact has other things in mind.  Family matters become volatile when a message arrives at her home that her father has been killed in the line of duty.  Without her father’s protection her life begins to unravel.  Feeling alone and in need of help with her emotions, she finds it in the wrong places.  Her mother is God fearing, but now has to deal with the loss of her husband.  In the turmoil, Amy feels lost and vulnerable to outside forces that appear helpful, but in fact are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The main body of the play takes place in Amy's dream that is filled with whimsical, mysterious and subtle characters.  All the while Amy is wrestling with her own decisions and the influence of her new friends...or are they friends. Jasper a young man appears to Amy as someone who is concerned about her and wants to lead her to safety from the evil Cinnamon.  Actually, Jasper is subtly leading her deeper into darkness and away from all that is good. 

Even in the midst of a play filled with intrigue and mystery, there is plenty of comedy and whimsical antics that keeps showing up throughout the action.

The lesson learned in this story is to trust God.  Don’t fall for everything or everyone that seems to be your friend.  Young people are very impressionable and at times influenced by pressures in life that cause them to make the wrong decisions.  Some Are Wolves is the result of young people reaching out to other young people.  Landry and Hayley authored this exciting and anointed story to warn other young people about the schemes of the enemy and be aware of the plots of Satan to destroy them.

Your youth will love to perform this script, but love the message even more. The Some Are Wolves package also includes a performance DVD and CDs

Cast Of 14 Characters:



The "Some Are Wolves", Package includes the downloadable script and Performance DVD and CDs.

$49.00 Download the script now and the DVD and CDs will be mailed to you. 



All Aboard ! 

Download 8.99

All Aboard!

(The Last Trip to Faithful)

 © Copyright 2008 Howi C Tiller

            This play is about the last trip to Heaven or Faithful.  The scene is a train station or depot.   Many people have made the trip, but this trip is the last one.  The conductor who is a type of the Church is speaking about the past passengers and who the first passengers were.  Many years have come and gone and the last trip has finally arrived.

            As the play opens the conductor enters and walks down the board walk and looks at his watch from time to time. He acts excited and a little melancholy at the same time. This is the last trip that the train called, “Wonderful”, is going to make to the city called Faithful. 

            The sketch has a very moving ending as a long lost loved one comes home just as the train enters the station. 

 Perfect as a complete sermon or as a father/son or mother/daughter event

            This can be an era or period piece.  It might be interesting to portray the scene as happening in the early 1900’s.  It can be anytime…you decide.  Have fun with it.

Cast: 2 M

Conductor – Older 40’s or 50’s

Son – 20’s

Or the script can be done by female actors as well.  The message doesn’t change.

2 F

Conductor – Older 40’s or 50’s

Daughter – 20’s



Time!...when the ticking is done

A Theatrical Blast

An inspirational look at the rapture through a wonderful mix of mime, percussion (but you don't have to be a drummer), dowel rod, poetry, reader's theater, comedy, and black light.  Your actors are going to love the action in this play.  It is a theatrical blast of none stop tics and tocs that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat.  Great for any atmosphere...Sunday night or dinner drama and every venue in between.

Cast of 4 male or female

$6.99 DVD  $6.99  For a limited time


$20.00 CD  $20.00  Music and sound effect CDs

$12.00 Download the script

There is also a PDF file that we send to you in an email attachment that goes with this script.  The PDF file is the reader's theater score for the second scene.



  The Dance of the Broken Bones 

A full length script for anytime of the year.  Howi, in coordination with the Parable Players toured with this script in the spring of 2007 and recently performed the play at CODE West.

Cast: 3 M and 3 F

     This play speaks powerfully about integrity and integrity lost.  The righteous judgment of God and repentance of King David are powerfully demonstrated.  God's forgiveness and restoration is not revealed more than in the play, "The Dance of the Broken Bones." 

     The story centers around David’s sin with Bathsheba, but reveals the dedication and honor of Uriah, (Bathsheba’s husband).  Uriah, though when faced with a very hard decision, he does the right thing.  The play also reveals the judgment of God through his prophet, Nathan toward David and then the mercy of God through David’s repentance.  God not only forgave David, but restored him and fulfilled a prophecy spoken by Nathan that it would be one of David’s sons that God would use to build the temple.  We’ve come to know that son as Solomon, which was born of David and Bathsheba.  Even more amazing is that Christ himself came through the lineage of David and Bathsheba.

     The fifty-first Psalm is written as a result of David’s repentance of that sin.  David speaks to the Lord in Psalm 51:8  “Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice.”  This is the theme of the play. 

     Even after failure the Lord can still restore, heal and forgive us so our bones can dance again.

     The play brings Old Testament characters to the New Testament.   Jesus cried from the cross, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?", but it was David who penned it in the old testament.  Jesus was quoting David from the cross.  This mix of old and new brings Calvary into new light as David is translated to the foot of the cross.

     Also, the last scene is very thought provoking as Howi brings Eve, Bathsheba and Mary into the same scene.  They all lost a son because of sin.  Eve was the first to lose a son as Cain killed Abel.  Bathsheba lost her son because of David trying to hide the sin from God and finally Mary lost her son at Calvary for all people’s sin.

$12.00 Download "Dance of the Broken Bones" Script

The Dance of the Broken Bones performance packet which includes, the script, a custom sound track with voices and sound effects, and a utility DVD is available for $29.95.

The Dance of the Broken Bones Packet $29.95




Wild Oats and Checkers

What's Your Next Move?

Father’s Day or Men’s Retreat

Monologue or Dialogue

     A grandpa and grandson have traditionally been playing checkers on Saturday mornings.  The grandpa is getting older and the grandson is getting old enough that he’s not sure that he wants to continue to play every Saturday anymore.  This is where the play happens in time.  Little does the grandson know, but this is the last time he will play checkers with his grandpa.  Neither one knows how to tell the other that they’re not sure how many more Saturdays they can play checkers.  Wild Oats and Checkers is a touching lesson on life and will fit in any atmosphere, but lends itself perfectly to Father’s Day, men’s retreats, father & son banquets or senior citizen appreciation dinner.

Cast: 1M or 2M depending on what version of the play you do.  You have the option of making it a monologue or dialogue.

Running time is about 30 minutes.

There are also 5 bonus sketches that come with this book, but you can order them individually on the sketches page as well.  The sketch titles are:

1. Someday, Came Today (Easter or any time), 2. The Perfect Lamb (Easter or any time),     3. Leave the Lights On (Family), 4.Shower Power (Husband and Wife), 5. Are You a King? (Easter)

   $10.00 Download Wild Oats and Checkers




Howi was asked to perform  Wild Oats and Checkers at Christian Radio's Back to The Bible's "Edge 64", Youth Club and Cafe. 

You can schedule Howi to perform this memorable  script for your event in person.  You can reach him at  The message fits well with Father's Day, Grandparents Day or any event that wants to teach the importance of honor and integrity.


The Great White Pearl

The Ultimate Victory Over Davey Jones’ Locker

 (An exciting Easter play for kids and early teens to perform)

Deception, Intrigue, and Mystery on the Open Sea has Never Been More


     The Great White Pearl  This is a youth play about the resurrection of the Lord. It has taken the pirate theme and retold the Easter story through a mix of an exciting story with scripture and the powerful resurrection message, “Triumph over death.”

     Set sail with Captain Goodspeed into the Sea of Corruption where Sin Bad hides in the Black Hole.  Who will win the battle of light verses darkness?  Will Captain Goodspeed triumph over Davey Jones' Locker?  The slaves are praying he will, so they can be set free from Captain Sin Bad's ship called, Death.  Your audience will laugh, cry and rejoice when your youth drama team performs, The Great White Pearl.


Can be performed for Easter, Vacation Bible School or anytime.


Speaking parts for 16 kids, but room for many extras.  The stage size will determine that.  We have designed the stage for one ship or two ships and optional ending that may make your experience more user friendly.


We recently updated the script.  The DVD will not match the script exactly.

$12.00 download The Great White Pearl

The Great White Pearl Packet.  The packet includes a

Custom Sound Effect and Music CD

Utility DVD performance  (In other words it's not best quality, but good enough to see what this drama team did with it.)

$28.00 for Performance Packet

Cast:  16 speaking parts mixed

Main characters are: Captain Goodspeed and Captain Sin Bad.

Running time:  45 minutes. 




Rehearsals can be secured in one week

         Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Train Station

              NEW! Now in Spanish


Christmas Eve


Mountain Creek Train Station

A Christmas Comedy

Being Snowed In Has Never Been So Much Fun!

A Wintry Mix of Comedy, Song, Dowel Rods and Scripture

     A medium length play that any size of church can perform and everyone will enjoy. 

     It takes place in a small train station on Christmas Eve and everyone in the station is anxious to get home for Christmas.  The scene opens with adults, children and teens at the train station vying for a ticket to get on the small train that leads home.  However, limited tickets and a building snow storm complicate matters.  The teens are heading home from a ski trip.  The children, who are orphans and their chaperon are at the train station to take the train home because their bus is broke down. 

     The play tells the story of Christmas in a very unique way.  Even though it’s a modern day setting, there is a couple on their way to Bethlehem, a baby is born, Gabriel shows up, the shepherds arrive and yes, even the kings make a last minute appearance.

     Your audience will be captivated from beginning to end through a good mix of comedy, song, scripture and dowel rod.  (The dowel rod song is, "Oh, Holy Night".  You can find it on Volume 2 DVD on the dowel rod page.)


       This play makes room for children, teenagers and adults to be involved without it being a stressful, long, drawn-out rehearsal time period.  Most rehearsals can be done in one week before the performance weekend.


The production time is 40 – 45 minutes.



$10.00   Download the script




Download the script in Spanish now


 Download script now  $15.95

   "Close Friends"... and things that make the phone ring

Life, Laughter and Leaks
Close Friends is a closer look at the human dedication, determination and dilemma through the eyes of a faithful man named Johnny. The 8 scene play follows Johnny from his early age of 4 through the mature age of 80 something.  The message is delivered through the comedy of life and situational events that your audience can immediately relate to from beginning to end.  The "Ring of Truth" in Close Friends, is discovered amidst a good mix of humor and sincere touching drama. Your audience will be laughing one minute and crying the next. The cast member is challenged to make each phase of life believable.  The script is generated from many true events.

Cast - 1 Male
Running time - 1 hour and 15 minutes

Great material for Dinner Drama, Friend Day or anytime.

$10.00 CD   Sound Effects and Music Trac


 $15.00 DVD  Close Friends Live Performance

You can schedule Howi to perform this funny and moving monologue for your next event by emailing him at



$12.00 Download script now


"Asleep in the Light" A drama for our times.
Asleep in the Light is a play for anytime of the year. The message is one that needs to be heard by saint and sinner a like. This play is interwoven with appropriate timing of scripture, comedy and an ending that fills hearts with faith and celebration. Howi has toured with this play across the U.S. and had the pleasure of seeing many people blessed. It's the perfect play for visitors as well as church members.
Cast: 10 mixed - 3 main characters, 7 secondary characters
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Asleep In The Light has been performed over 500 times across the U.S.

$10.00 CD  $10.00

Sound Effect and Music Trac

 $15.00 DVD   Asleep In The Light Performance DVD



Download now for $12.00



"Mind and Heart"
The Battle of the Ages
Mind and Heart is the story of the two men who were crucified with Jesus. As twin brothers, they grew up in Bethlehem and were both there the night that Jesus was born. Heart is changed from that moment on, but Mind seemed indifferent. This Biblical themed play tells the story of the human battle between your mind and heart. Both characters end up suspended between heaven and earth where they both must make their final decision.
Cast: 50 or more, mainly male speaking parts.
Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes.


 $15.00 DVD  $15.00

Mind and Heart Performance



"The Prisoner of God"
The Name - The Blood - The Cross
This is a signature full-length play about the Apostle Paul and a very zealous Roman Captain named Marcus. Historically, Paul even converted the soldiers who guarded him in prison. With this in mind, Howi authors a play from scripture that is layered with twists and turns that will keep your audience guessing from beginning to end. Just when you thought you had the plot all figured out, a surprising ending reveals all the mysteries.

Cast: 2 Male
Running time: 1 hour


$15.00 The Prisoner of God Performance


$12.00 Download The Prisoner of God



Spectacle Custom Sound Track  $15.00 


Download now $12.00


The Gospel According to the Angels
A serious comedy about the diligent desire of three angels' look into the life of Christ. The Bible says that the angels desired to look into the things of Christ and the gospel. Howi takes just a little poetic license and with the help of the "Heaventron", he mixes it with scripture to create this full length play.  You're going to have a blast performing this one.  With the small cast and prop demand, this play is fun to take on tour.

Great for Easter or anytime of the year
Cast: 3 Males
Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Parable Players from Hanford, California perform, "Spectacle".

The cast of "On Stage Sunday Morning" performs Spectacle in Odessa, TX.

Word Alive Christian Drama Cast Performs














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